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Orthotic Fabrication

Bergmann Orthotic Lab has developed orthotic fabrication techniques that are used worldwide. These processes include image capturing, cast corrections done with computer-aided mold production, all the way to methods of orthotic manufacturing. With these methods we have the ability to produce more than 80 different distinct types of custom orthotics, which span from leather to EVA and thermoplastic orthotics.

Our team of orthotic lab technicians has the experience to produce any orthotic to suit your patients’ needs. Many of our lab technicians have over 40 years of experience in the production of high-quality orthotics. We have three generations invested in preserving the process of each line of orthotics, and we use this expertise to continue to create new processes. From the latest breakthrough in fabrication techniques to simply needing to have a unique orthotic reproduced, we have the ability to make a successful orthotic for whatever your patient needs.