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Custom Orthotics




Microthotics™ significantly reduce dress shoe heel slippage.


An extrinsic heel post can be added.


Microthotics™ fit a variety of men's and women's shoe styles.


This one-piece, thin, lightweight, semiflexible, posted, and easy-to-fit orthotic is ideal for use in lower heel semi-dress shoes for women and dress shoes for men. It is highly durable and unbreakable because of its one-piece construction (heel post incorporated into the plate and intrinsic forefoot posting), and it provides excellent functional control. The standard forefoot extension is a 1/16’’ firm Corlyte™ extension to reduce forefoot bulk. Other types of extensions can also be used if needed. As shown here, an extrinsic heel post can be added if desired. It is an excellent way to add a heel raise on one heel without adding bulk on the other heel. A major patient benefit is that Microthotics™ significantly reduce dress shoe heel slippage. Microthotics™ are molded exactly to the contour of the heel but are ultra thin and slightly flexible at the heel cup, providing excellent functional control, shoe fit and a high degree of tolerability.

Functional Control - For minor to moderate rearfoot and forefoot biomechanical control.

Localized Relief - For mild pressure areas.

Shoe Fit - A wide variety of men/women semi-dress tie, casual, sports, and men’s loafers. Water resistant without vinyl top cover.

Material/Design - A semi-rigid polyolefin with intrinsic heel post in shell to reduce heel slippage. The gray vinyl top cover comes standard to metatarsal heads.

Cast Corrections - Computer-designed cast corrections. Comfort/control type is standard.