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Custom Orthotics




The Micro/Balance™ has a durable, highly finished appearance.


Micro/Balance Dress™ fits into thin dress shoes, even high heels up to 2 inches.

Micro/Balance™ Orthotics

From the originators of the leather balance orthotic, a variation of this orthotic is available. The Micro/Balance™ orthotic still retains the characteristics that have been found so successful in treating patients who can’t tolerate full biomechanical control or need local accommodation for plantar lesions.

The Micro/Balance™ orthotic has a durable, highly finished appearance due to the naugahyde top cover and suede bottom cover. This bottom cover will prevent slippage of the orthotic in the shoe. The core of the orthotic is a thin, semiflexible plastic shell instead of leather, making it lighter in weight. The plastic shell also gives the orthotic better retention of shape, helping to prevent distortion under heavy use sometimes found when using a leather balance orthotic.

Control - Excellent biomechanical control.

Uses - Abnormal rearfoot and forefoot biomechanics such as: plantar fasciitis, abnormal patellar tracking, shin splints, chondromalacia, and hip pain.

Standard Materials - Extrinsic neoprene heel post, thin plastic wear plate under heel post, intrinsic forefoot post, high-impact polypropylene shell, white leather-like vinyl top cover.

Additional Top Covers - EVA foam, Spenco, and pink Plastazote are available.

Cast Corrections - Automated wax cast corrections. Standard is comfort uncorrected.

Micro/Balance Dress™

Micro/Balance Dress™ is a new dress orthotic developed for the Far East market, where dress shoe fit is a common problem. This one fits into those thin dress shoes, even high-heel shoes up to 2 inches.

Control - Partial biomechanical control.

Uses - Partial control for many common foot conditions. Can be used with accommodations such as metatarsal raises and pockets.

Standard Materials - Beige simulated leather top cover. Extrinsic soft foam rearfoot post that flows into the midtarsal area for even shoe fit, forefoot balance wedge. Thin, high-impact polyolefin shell, especially at center of heel, may even be sanded through in the heel area. Sulcus is standard length.