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Custom Orthotics




Diabetic orthotics are built to last.


Glove leather-like top layer prevents irritation.


Additional top pink Plastazote top cover.

Diabetic Orthotics

This is not a temporary, throw-away orthotic, but an orthotic for diabetic patients that will last. The orthotic is designed specifically to be effective in the prevention and treatment of diabetic ulcers. A unique combination of materials is laminated together to produce an orthotic that is very tolerable, resilient, and shock absorbing.

Tolerability is accomplished through the use of a very soft and pliable genuine leather top cover. This glove leather-like top cover prevents any irritation up against the foot, while also helping to retain the durability of the orthotic. Being of a supple nature, it molds excellently to the contours of a positive cast with depressions for ulceration or even if extreme foot deformities are present. The next lamination is a Plastazote-type layer that will take a set, diffusing the pressure at the plantar of the foot, reducing weight bearing on ulcerated areas and also preventing impending areas of pressure from developing. These are very important characteristics to the foot at risk.

Resilience is accomplished through the use of Corlyte™. Corlyte™ is a high-density urethane open-cell foam material that will not bottom out, even after years of use. This characteristic gives longevity to the orthotic, so that the orthotic does not have to be adjusted constantly by adding additional layers of material every few months to maintain its effectiveness.

Besides being very resilient, Corlyte™ is also one of the best shock-absorbing materials available. Bergmann Orthotic Lab has used Corlyte™ for the effective treatment of calcaneal heel spurs for many years. Additional shock absorption is attained through the use of Sorbothane and Sorbothane-like materials, which with their slower recovery rate, are much like that of the plantar fat pad.

As with all leather orthotics made by Bergmann Orthotic Lab, balance wedging is incorporated into the device according to the clinical and biomechanical information and cast evaluation to help control abnormal biomechanical foot functions. This orthotic is also excellent for patients who have very hypersensitive feet and can’t seem to tolerate any other type of orthotic.