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Custom Orthotics




Lightweight plastic can be heat adjusted if needed.


Pastel pink and blue plastic orthotics are more eye appealing.


A multicolored shell is available.

Balance Heel Stabilizer

Construction - This orthotic is constructed from a lightweight plastic that can be heat adjusted if needed. It is also cold formable, which means with high impact you can change its shape. It is completely crack resistant, allowing us to give you a lifetime guarantee against cracking. To make it more eye appealing and less medicinal looking, the plastic is available in pastel blue and pink. It is also now available in a multicolored shell, as shown below.

Design - The orthotic is made from one piece of plastic. The rearfoot and forefoot posts are sanded into the plate intrinsically. By incorporating the posts into the plate, there is no chance for post avulsion or delaminating to occur. This makes for a more stable orthotic. The medial and lateral flanges extend around posteriorly to produce a very deep heel cup. Gait extensions on to the 4th and 5th head are also available. Due to the nature of the plastic, the flanges and heel cup can be made very thin, which translates into better shoe fit for your patient.

Usage - As you know, children with severe pronatory conditions are hard to control. They will twist, slide, or rotate out of conventional orthotics due to their pronatory forces, narrow heels, and ligament laxity. Also, when you do get enough control from some types of orthotics, it can be intolerable. Due to its design, the new balance heel stabilizer is excellent for control of these conditions and also is effective in young children with intoeing secondary to pronation. It gives you control but also is very tolerable due to the new type of plastic and design. We have also found it effective in adults. As you know, when you finally get enough correction in adults, the orthotic can sometimes become intolerable on the border of the medial flange. This is reduced greatly with the new balanced heel stabilizer because it can be made slightly more flexible at this area, and you can heat adjust it if needed. Some doctors have also found it very effective to stabilize patients prone to chronic heel sprains, due to its design and excellent shoe fit.